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This is the Longest Night liturgy on video, originally created in 2021, with time for quiet prayer and lament, both new and familiar Advent songs, beautiful visuals, scripture and spoken word. Performed by members of The Many, as well as friends of the Many: Victor Greene and cin salach.
The Longest Night video features all of the following in 53 minutes:
  • "In the Bleak Midwinter," Arrangement by Hannah Rand
  • "In This Stillness," song and lyric video by The Many
  • "This is the Longest Night" responsive reading
  • "The Longest Nights" song and video by The Many
  • "We Wait for You" song and lyric video by The Many
  • A time of Lament with The Many and Victor Greene
    • We lament for climate change and injustice
    • We lament for our communities, our country, our world
    • We lament for our personal losses
    • We share our confessions
  • "O Come O Come Emmanuel" performed by Leslie Michele
  • "Comfort Comfort" arranged by Hannah Rand
  • "We Wait," Spoken Word poetry by Lenora Rand, performed by cin salach
  • "Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning" performed by The Many
  • A time of Hope
  • "Waiting for You" song and lyric video by The Many

We invite you to purchase and download the video and use it with your congregation anytime in closed online gatherings just for your church. 

This means you cannot post it on YouTube or Facebook, but you can play the video on Zoom, perhaps with pre or post video conversation. The video would not be licensed for streaming on the internet.

We offer a sliding scale for pricing, and know that many churches have struggled this year. Please choose the size that best represents your community and the cost which fits your budget. 

 Church Attendance Price
Under 100
Above 200

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