Jesus Says Go

Jesus Says Go 

by Lenora Rand


Jesus says go. 
Go then...
When every part of you screams who am I, Lord?
Can I do this?
What do I really have to offer?
Am I enough? 

Jesus says go. 

Go, then...
When so many around you are staying.
Staying put. Holding on to what was. What’s easy.
Safe. Sure.
What has been.  

Let go… 
Open your eyes. 
Your hearts. 
Your hands.  

Hear the call: 
Jesus says go. 

Go, then…
Go to the poor and 
the prisoners and 
the powerless
and the put down, pushed aside.
Go and give good news. 
Go and preach love.
Go and show love. 
Sit with.
Cry with. 
Laugh with. 
Pray with. 
Stand and march with 
the ones who need you most. 
Jesus says go. 

Go, then...
Go then and follow. 
Go then and follow the way of God’s love.  

Just Go. 

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