Copyright and licensing issues can get complicated, especially now when so many congregations are using zoom and/or some kind of live-streaming option.

So we want to try to make things as clear as possible about using our music and videos. The answer to our most commonly asked question these days is, “YES-- any song or video you download from our site can be used in your online worship service.” 

We do ask that you please give us credit. Use whatever wording you like, but here's an example:

All Belong Here
Words by Lenora Rand, Music by Hannah Rand
© Plural Guild Music 2017
Used with permission.

This information can usually be found on the product page. If it's not there, email us and we'd be happy to give it to you.

For in person gatherings, please report the songs you use to CCLI.  A list of our CCLI numbers are can be found here. (Remember to click "expand search" when searching for our songs on SongSelect.)

If you have any questions about copyright and licensing we'd be happy to try and answer them. Message us here, or email us at