Say The Names

Say The Names

by Lenora Rand


Say the names. 
Let them sit on your tongue for a moment. 
Hold them like a sweet/savory piece of 
the whole...
The whole…

They did not deserve this. 
Does anyone deserve this?
Say their names. 

They were nameless
To me
To you
To most of us, 
until yesterday. 
Last week.
Last year. 

Last time.

They were the oh no, not again, 
The one mores
Who died at the hands of 
And greed. And power.
And fear. 
Say their names. 
As you hold each one like your baby 
Each name. 

Like it was your child.
Say their names 
Say their names 
like you’re praying 
Because you are. 
Start with Jesus
And just keep going. 
Say their names. 

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