The Lord's Prayer - An Adaptation for Our Times

The Lord's Prayer

An adaptation for our times by Lenora Rand


God of Love,
who we experience as mother, father, friend, lover,
our deepest longing,
our best thought our solid ground,
the sacred soil from which everything grows,
our greatest hope.
Your love covers the entire earth,
holding us all in your embrace.
You hold everything together.
We want to know what your vision for the world is - help us.
We want to live in that vision - guide us.
Everything we eat and drink,
everything that gives us life and joy,
it all comes from you.
We want to thank you for your mercy.
You hold nothing back.
Help us be that open and generous
with others and with ourselves.
Help us forgive each other.
Deep in our hearts we believe that this is your world
and that you love us all.
Help us live with you
and with each other in that powerful love.
And together we will sing of your mercy and grace and power, forever and ever, Amen.
The Lord's Prayer - An Adaptation
Written by Lenora Rand
© 2017 Plural Guild 

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