With Nothing

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Behind the song

This song came into being in response to the stories we often hear in our culture about Jesus’s birth, those romanticized sweet and warm and prettied-up views of what it was like for Jesus to be born. But in fact, Jesus was born in a stable, as a person without much of anything, born into poverty and practically homeless, somebody who didn’t matter, didn’t count, somebody living on the margins. This song was written to remind us that Jesus came into the world with nothing in terms of wealth or power or status. He came only with love. But that love is a force to be reckoned with – more powerful than we can imagine perhaps…love might even be enough to bring “good news to the poor and release to the captives.” (Luke 4:18) Written by Hannah Rand in 2012 (when she was only 16) for the alt folk group she was in at the time – Me, You & Her – this is the original recording by that group.

The Lyrics

It was cold that night, just like tonight
The stars were burning bright, like angels taking flight
But nothing in the world, nothing in the world
Nothing in our world felt really right

You came with nothing
You came with nothing but love
You came to show us
Love might be enough

It was dark that night, just like tonight
The doors were locked up tight, to keep you out of sight
But nowhere in the world, nowhere in the world
No place in the world felt really right


You didn’t need no mistletoe
Just a warm place to go
Just another child, without a place to call home
Left out in the snow


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