This Is My Body - Limited Edition T-Shirt

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*LIMITED EDITION* Once we sell out of this shirt, it will be gone. Get yours now!

The song this t-shirt came from, "These Bodies," came out of conversations in the band about how often we get the message that our bodies are sinful, wrong, unholy, how they don't measure up, how we need to fix them. 

But what we really believe (even though we don't always act like we believe it) is that Jesus' incarnation shows us definitively that our bodies are "fearfully, wonderfully made." That we aren't just minds and spirits, we are BODIES, and how we treat our own and everyone else's matters. 

Working on the song we were thinking about Jesus' words during the Last Supper, "This is my body." How he says them without apology. And it hit we'd like to say that too. With love and not shame. So we made a T-shirt to help us.  We made one for each of us.  And now they're available here for everyone.  

Check out the sizing guide below for help choosing your size. Let us know if your size is not listed and we will do everything in our power to hook you up with it.

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