Broken Body of Christ

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Behind the Song

When we gather around the communion table, we experience not just the body of Christ “on the table” but also the “body of Christ” represented by all of us who “gather around the table.” All of us broken, needy, wanderers, seekers, believers, doubters…all around the table together. All loved by God and welcomed to the table just as we are. This is a song for us to sing around the table and every time we need to remember God’s deep, inclusive love.

The Lyrics

Verse 1
We are the wandering
We are the seeking
We are the ones left out to dry
We are the bleeding
Our hearts are weeping
We are the broken body of Christ

And when we eat, we are fed
The love that God has given
And when we drink we take it in
This love, this earthly heaven

Verse 2

We are the thirsty
Looking for mercy
We have all been kicked aside
We are the stumbling
Our hands are fumbling
We are the broken body of Christ


We are loved
Just as we are
Taste and see
Loved as we are
Beautifully different
Loved as we are
Just as we are.


We are the wandering
We are the seeking
We are the broken
Body of Christ

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