Where Jesus Was

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The Lyrics

Verse 1
Where wise ones followed the star
And angels sang new songs
Where out in the cold of night
impossible was born
That’s where Jesus was.

Wherever love was
That’s where Jesus was. That’s where Jesus was.
Wherever hope was
That’s where Jesus was, that’s where Jesus was too.
Whatever love would do, that’s what Jesus did
And the miracle is that’s still where Jesus is.

Verse 2
When eyes could finally see
When the hungry child was fed
When prisoners were freed
And kind words freely said
That’s where Jesus was.


Verse 3
Where the sick were finally well
Loaves and fish were simply shared
When truth was truly spoken
And forgiveness really there
That’s where Jesus was.


How can we live like Jesus lived?
How can we do what Jesus did?
How can we be where Jesus is?

We go step by step, step by step (repeat at will)
We go step by step and we follow.

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