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"You gave us these bodies. And You called them good."  This message, from our song, “These Bodies,” is at the heart of this liturgy experience we developed called This Is My Body. This liturgy is designed to help us reclaim God’s love for our bodies and refute the voices that would have us living in shame, constantly trying to make our bodies acceptable. We believe to love our bodies as God loves them is a radical act and a redemptive one. And every time we’ve walked with people through this liturgy it has been a source of deep healing for all of us.

"This Is My Body" resources for purchase:

1. This Is My Body Full Liturgy - This 20 page pdf download is the complete liturgy as experienced at the Wild Goose Festival 2018.  It includes leader and congregation parts, lyrics to all the songs, original stories and poems along with ritual ideas, instructions and media resources.  

2. Music from the Liturgy - Includes mp3s of the following:

  • These Bodies
  • Lovely Needy People
  • All Belong Here
  • Room For Us All
  • We Stand

3. Sheet Music from the Liturgy - This PDF download comes with lead sheets and lyric/chord charts to all the songs from the liturgy including:

  • "These Bodies" lyric/chord chart (key of C)
  • "These Bodies" Vocal Lead Sheet (key of C)
  • "Lovely Needy People" Lyric/Chord chart (key of C)
  • "Lovely Needy People" Vocal Lead Sheet (key of C)
  • "All Belong Here" lyric/chord chart (key of D)
  • "All Belong Here" Vocal Lead Sheet (key of D)
  • "Room For Us All" lyric/chord chart (key of A)
  • "Room For Us All" Vocal Lead Sheet (key of A)
  • "We Stand (Stand with Love)" lyric/chord chart (key of C)
  • "We Stand (Stand with Love)" Vocal Lead Sheet (ket of C)

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300+ $60/5/30

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