By The Rivers of Babylon - Climate Justice Liturgy

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Organization Size: 0-50 Members
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Is this how the world ends?

By The Rivers of Babylon is a wild and holy rite of resistance and restoration. It is a worship gathering specifically for our climate-changed world. 

This liturgy features spoken responses, poetry, music, and rituals that invite participation like: holding a rock and feeling the weight of grief, writing down our laments, pouring out water to honor our sorrows (similar to Jacob pouring out a drink offering in Genesis 35), and even creating bead bracelets to remember the experience.

The liturgy features music by The Many, but also lists some alternative music options that you can choose.

By The Rivers of Babylon resources for purchase:

1. By the Rivers of Babylon Full Liturgy: a pdf download of the entire liturgy script and notes about the liturgy, as well as a video of "climate facts" that can be used as part of the experience

2. Sheet Music from the Liturgy: Includes sheet music for all the songs by The Many in the liturgy, including:

  • Is This How The World Ends Lead Sheet (key of C & Key of G)
  • Lovely Needy People Lead Sheet (key of B-Flat & Key of C)
  • Of The Earth Piano Score
  • Extravagant Love Lyric/Chord Chart (no lead sheet available currently)
  • We Are on This Earth To Love Congregational Insert Music

3. Videos from the Liturgy: Includes lyric videos as well as spoken word videos from the liturgy, including:

  • Is This How The World Ends - Lyric Video
  • Lovely Needy People - The Many Live video
  • Of The Earth - Lyric Video
  • Extravagant Love - The Many Live Video
  • We Are on This Earth To Love - Spoken Word Video

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