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Openings is shaped around the image of doors. At Wild Goose, three old, weathered, full size doors were used. For much of the piece the doors are set up in the middle of the room, separating the gathered people into two sections. As people are closed off from each other, laments are raised on behalf of some of those who have experienced many closed doors – transgender people, African-Americans, and refugees.

The lament moves to confession, as time is given to reflect and confess our own complicity in keeping doors shut. The assurance of God’s mercy follows and leads to the Lord’s Table, where as a sign of the transforming power of love and grace, the doors are removed and repurposed to become stations of prayer around the room and to serve as the table for the Lord’s Supper.

'Openings' resources for purchase:

1. 'Openings' Full Liturgy: a pdf download of the entire liturgy script and notes about the liturgy

2. Audio and Sheet Music from the Liturgy:

This includes mp3s and sheet music for all songs in the Openings Liturgy:

  • "Holy Is Your Name"
  • "Only Grace"
  • "Find Our Way To Love"
  • "Room For Us All"

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