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Waiting is a song that was written for Advent to try to capture the paradox of this liturgical season, this stuck-in-the-middle-waiting time, when we are meant to sit with the way things really are, in our world and in our lives, and hold them tenderly and gently with the hope for how things are meant to be. It’s a time when we are called to remember that there is this beautiful world we all want to believe in and be living in, but there's a terrible not-yet-ness about that world, and this is the season when we face that truth and re-commit ourselves to what it takes to get to a Christmas kind of world. And in a world where “greed and guns rule everywhere,” we pray we can be a sign of hope and arms of love.  Find the lyrics, sheet music, and an MP3 here.

There are two options for this download. 

1) The Lyric Video, featuring Hannah Rand & Darren Calhoun on lead vocals.

2) The Takeaway Show, a live version of this song, with lead vocals by friend of The Many, Kerry Anne Pritchard. This version does not have lyrics embedded.

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