God With Us

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This is an Advent/Christmas song inspired by the many different names Jesus is referred to in the Bible: “Light of the world, hope of glory, man of sorrow, healer of nations, mighty God, wonderful counselor, prince of peace.” And of course, Jesus’ name itself, Emmanuel, which means “God With Us.” What’s ironic about all this, of course, is that when Jesus was born, he was just another poor kid born in a back alley, whose name meant nothing to pretty much anybody but his parents. He was one of the “lowly” that Luke called out in his gospel as had so many of the prophets who came before him saying God has “…lifted up the lowly; he has filled the hungry with good things.

The Lyrics

Light of the World, hope of glory 
Man of sorrow, acquainted with grief 
Healer of nations, mighty God 
Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace

Verse 1 

You were just a little child 
Born into a world of pain 
You were just a little boy 
With no fortune or fame 
You were just a little one 
And no one knew your name 

Your name is Jesus 
And you changed everything 

Jesus, Jesus 
God with us 
Jesus, Jesus 
We sing Gloria, Gloria, Gloria 
Gloria, Gloria 
God with us. 

Verse 2 
You came to give us life 
Life abundantly 
You came to make us whole 
And all that we could be 
You came to hold us close 
And to set us free 

Your name is Jesus 
And you changed everything 



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