Seedlings - Lament Visual - Video Download

Organization Size: 0-50 Members
Video Version: Seedlings (A)
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This lament visual features hands planting seedlings in the ground and watering them, remarking that our tears can water the seeds of justice. You can choose what you want included in your download:

A) Full Lament - Includes the video of planting seedlingstitles on screen, members of The Many reading laments, an underscore of the song "Forsaken," and a final chorus of "Forsaken". Hear all the laments on June 3rd's Lament Together.

B) Underscore & Video - Includes the video of planting seedlings, an underscore of the song "Forsaken," and a final chorus of "Forsaken".

C) Just Video (no audio) - Includes the video of planting seedlingsNo audio.

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