Remember When

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The Lyrics

Remember when we saw 
the boy washed up on shore
the girl torn from her parents’ arms

Remember when we heard
16 shots in the night
No justice for that life

We want to know where You were
We want to know where You are
We want to know what You do
God you seem so far…away


Remember when we saw
The unloved daughter/son?
Abandoned and undone

Remember when we watched
The city burning down
The sound of hate so loud


Show us your love right now
Show us your grace right now
Show us your face right now.
Show us your way right now

Remember when you cried
You were looking for us too.
Told us love would see us through

Can we be love right now?
Can we be grace right now?
Can we show your face right now?
Live in your way right now?

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