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The Whole World is Waiting was originally written by Kate Hurley in 2008.

It was born from a collaboration with some folks those of us in the band really love and admire: Flamy Grant, Ben Grace (of The Calendar Years), and the original writer herself, Kate Hurley.

From the first line to the last, it gives us a way to sing about the realities we are living at this moment. When so much is heartbreaking around us - devastating war, climate crises, political upheaval, hatred, exclusion and division -  this is a song we can sing honestly.

It's also a song that assures us there is a God that hears the “cries for justice and the longing to be free.” Who “heals and shows us what can be.” And it reminds us once again that love can change things - something that's often so hard to believe.

This lyric video was a collaboration between Lenora & Hannah Rand.

Find the lyrics, sheet music, and an MP3 here.

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