What We've Lost

What We've Lost

Lenora Rand

We’ve lost…people. 
Family. Friends. Friends of friends of friends. 
To death. Distance. Disappointment. 
“You believe THAT?” “You’re doing WHAT?”

We’ve lost jobs. And dreams. And sleep. So much sleep. 
We’ve lost arguments. 
We’ve lost any desire to argue with anyone ever again. 
We’ve lost simplicity. 

Nothing is easy. 
Nothing is easy.
Nothing is easy.

We’ve lost faces. Yours. Mine. Ours. 

Remember when 
we went mask-less 
and never thought 
a thing 
about it. 

We’ve lost our innocence.

We’ve lost the ability to just breathe.
Just breathe.

To take breath for granted. 

We’ve lost easy laughter and all those tears we held back and put away and said not today, I can’t today. 

We’ve lost words. How many times can you say I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, until it’s used-up, worn out, threadbare? 

We’ve lost things we’ve waited for, believed in, counted on. 
We’ve lost familiar. Comfortable. Expected.

The way it was. The way it was. The way it was.

We’ve lost our hold on the truth.
We’ve lost faith. In others. In ourselves. Maybe even in God.
We’ve come this close to losing all hope.

And remember that tree we could always go back to when we played tag as kids – the one called safe? The one called home? 

We’ve lost that.
We lost safe.
We lost home.

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