Advent/Christmas Dinner Church - Liturgy & Music Download

Organization Size: 0-50 Members
Sale price$25.00


Comes with:

    • The Liturgy (includes both the leaders booklet and printouts)
    • Sheet Music to "All Belong Here," "Room For Us All," and "Waiting For You."
    • MP3s for "All Belong Here," "Room For Us All," and "Waiting For You."

We offer a sliding scale for pricing, hoping that this will allow churches to be able to afford what they need. If you are not a part of a church, or this doesn't fit your budget, feel free to choose the price that works best for you.

 Church Size Price
0-50 $25
50-100 $35
100-300 $50
300+ $70

*This is a digital download. The download is available immediately after purchase.

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